Activities and photos from Croatia 


Monday, March 18, 2019 

 The meeting began with getting to know each other. The first activity was a workshop - making

human rights calendar. The students worked in mixed groups. After that, there was a workshop "Drama about diversity and acceptance". Every state did its own drama / story according to their own script that shows that every country had refugees in the past and how they were treated.

The student workshops were followed by a teacher workshop on the basics of eTwinning led by Maria Pirecka, Director and Ambassador of eTwinning for Poland. It's a platform through which we will present our project to others.

Three days full of activities! "Re-writing the Myth of Europe", "Drama play-video" and "Graphics

concerning the stereotypes ". In the evening was the final evening at the hotel "Kralj Tomislav". The participants were students and their teachers from Romania, Poland and Italy, host teachers as well as host students and theirs parents. At the final dinner, certificates of participation in this meeting were awarded and they exchanged gifts prepared just for that evening.

 The last student activity was the creation of "B &  B multicultural newspaper". After done

interviews, students wrote articles and created newspapers.All teachers, project participants had a brief agreement for the next meeting that should be in Italy.

-Plitvice Lakes.

It would be a shame to visit Croatia and not see the natural beauties of Plitvice Lakes which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 and placed on the World Heritage List. Tourists who come in the summer on vacation, but also everyone who passes through that part of Croatia are sure to stop and enjoy.


In the school hall, the school principal Reza Benković welcomed the dear guests and then teachers and students participating in the project. A tour of the school followed. The guests could see classrooms, students and the school environment.