Students and Teachers' Activities 

1st Mobility - Bacau, Romania 


               The first learning , teaching, training students' mobility was held in the Secondary School " Nicolae Iorga" Bacau , on the coordinator's institution and took place on 3rd - 8th of December 2018. During these six working days, a number of 22 students and 7 teachers from the partner's behalf attended the activities included in the program.

                On the first days, guests we invited to a guided tour in our school, followed by the official opening. During the working day, icebreaking games and workshops were propose to students in order to introduce each other, to discover traditional games which were coordinated by the coordinator from each country. Teachers attended meetings that included discussions on (Tasks and responsibilities; The projects' outcomes, Working program discussion) ; (Distribution of roles and activities for each country ;Practical information for the next transnational meeting ;Gantt Activities )

                On the second day, students worked in mixt groups Workshops "B&B Dance / B&B song" (Students participated in turn in 3 different workshops in order to start proposing by every country: the dance creation / a song composition / videos recording) Countries and school presentation -PPT Traditional dances ( every country presented a specific dance)

        On the third working day - two Workshops were proposed: 1. Migration history - PPT presentations (every country will present the history of the migration from their country) ; 2. Telling the story of migration in images ( BD - photo - roman). Students created images , the story of migration. On the 4th working day , students kept working within Workshops : Learning the B&B dance and the B&B song. In the evening they attended Lessons : mathematics, English. On the 5th day Logo creation . Students worked on the image of our logo, proposing and choosing the best one. During the evening, a short visit was propose to discover our region.On the six day, students recorded the B&B song and the B&B dance . Also , questionnaires for teachers and students were proposed to measure the impact of the activities and the level of tolerance of our students concerning the migration.